The ShadeNet is guaranteed for at least 8 years against UV degradation and is manufactured from knitted HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and is treated for UV radiation.

All colors are pigmented with a light fastness of 7 to 8, which has the highest resistance to fading. The ShadeNet is guaranteed against fading.

All structures are designed to comply with local conditions and building codes.

Coastal installations have no effect on the ShadeNet. All metal components are hot dipped galvanized to minimize corrosion.

The ShadeNet is “lock-stitched” during the manufacturing process and will not unravel if accidently torn. In most cases,the ShadeNet can be repaired without having to replace or to remove the complete ShadeNet.

The original application of ShadeNet was to provide cover and protection against hail damage. Our structures are totally suitable for use against hail damage. Furthermore, installation of the structures against hail and sun damage can result in a significant reduction of insurance premiums.

ShadeNet comes in Shade Only and Waterproof versions. The application and structure style and size will determine if waterproof is available.

The standard ShadeNet profile is not suitable for use in areas with a heavy snowfall. The reason for this is simply that the slope of the ShadeNet is not steep enough to avoid a snow build-up. The solution to this problem is to either, remove the ShadeNet & store it during winter months or design a steeper pitched ShadeNet.