Welcome to Shade America

Shade America, whose mission is to protect valuable assets such as people, animals and property, was established in Jacksonville, Florida as a distributor of permanent shade structures for the residential and commercial markets in the Southern United States.

Utilizing a polyethelene ShadeNet that comes in a variety of trendy, fade resistant colors and corrosive-resistant galvanized steel frame for strength, our structures offer a revolutionary new concept in protection from the sun’s harmful effects while providing shelter from the elements. Designed to take climatic abuse, each structure is made to comply with local building codes, even those areas subject to hurricane force winds.

Shade Structures For Playgrounds

The American Cancer Society reports over 1 million new cases of skin cancer each year. Children are particularly at risk, both because of their sensitive skin and because they spend more of their time outdoors. Our playground shade structures block up to 96% of cancer-causing UV rays and protect children and adults from the harmful rays of the sun while providing shade and keeping the area cooler.

“Children receive 80% of their total lifetime sun exposure by the time they turn 18. In 2003, more than 1 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the US. The earlier parents incorporate sun protection into their children’s daily activities, the lower their lifetime risk will be for developing skin cancer.”


Located in Jacksonville Florida

Conveniently located in the northeast corner of the beautiful state of Florida, Shade America is situated on the south side of Jacksonville. Easy to access by nearly all sizes of commercial vehicles, Shade America resides among many prosperous manufacturers and distributors in this light industrial area. Because this area was designed for easy in and out commercial traffic, customers experience very little congestion when visiting or picking up their shade structure order.

Bleacher Covers

The Bleacher Port offers parents the ability to enjoy watching their children play sports. The structure is totally modular. The steel and components slide into each other and are bolted together.Furthermore, the tubing has a smooth finish, which results in less chaffing on the net in stiff winds and a longer structure life.

The bleacher cover cloth is made from High Density Polyethylene knitted fabric andundergoes a stentoring process which increases its strength to 40psia. In addition to its strength, this cloth offers up to 99% UV protection and has a UPF rating from the Cancer Association of 45. Nothing sticks to our fabric, so tree sap, bird droppings, and industrial fallout, will wash off in the rain or when sprayed with a hose.

The Bleacher Port is a perfect fit over a 5 row or 3 row bleacher, and can be made for custom sizes. Usually they are 10 feet high. The New Quick Release option, allows the net to be easily removed in the event of a hurricane warning! In addition, all Bleacher Covers are engineered to local requirements. Often, attending sporting events can become uncomfortable. Watching baseball, soccer, football and swimming competition can be comfortable again.

Shade Structures for Parking Areas

Shade Structures are comparatively lower in cost per square foot when compared to other conventional building materials. As a result, our covered parking structures are a natural fit for use in a variety of applications. In addition, our designs do not clutter or disturb the overall look of the existing architecture. With the use of color and design, Shade America will construct covered parking areas to fit your needs and ad to the beauty of your property.